Internet Key Management is an important element in the security architecture for the Internet protocol. There are certain requirements of key management for the Internet protocol. These are explained in the following:

First is the Security Association Management. It is necessary to integrate Security Association establishment with the key management protocol that has been designed for networks that are IP-based because it supports security protocols in a diverse as well as dynamic environment. It must, therefore, support many mechanisms for authentication, algorithms for encryption, certificates that are user-oriented designed for the higher level protocols, and host-oriented certificates designed for lower layer protocols.

Next is Authentication using Digital Signatures. Authentication of ID at the close of the communication is one of the most important measures for ensuring secure network communication. There are many authentication mechanisms that have been classified as per their strengths. Digital Signatures are considered to be a very strong mechanism for authentication. They utilize a methodology known as public key cryptography. For this mechanism to work out, it is crucial that the entities involved acquire two types of keys; the first is a private key and the second a public key. Certificates are also considered as a very important element of the digital signature mechanism for authentication since they are used to bind the identity of the entity in question and perhaps other security info to their public keys. Authentications that are based on digital signals need a certifying authority or some trusted third party so as to create, sign, and distribute their certificates properly. Certificates also require an infrastructure for things like generating, verifying, revoking, managing, as well as distributing.

Then there is Public Key Cryptography. Public Key Cryptography is often seen to be the most efficient, scalable as well as flexible means with the help of which users can attain the respective session keys and share secrets for the support of a vast spectrum of ways with which internet users would be able to communicate with each other. The cryptographic keys can be used for protecting info for long periods. Many algorithms with distinct properties are there for users to generate such keys.

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Internet Key Management
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