Essay: Being an Entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneur has its own set of challenges and hurdles. Similarly being an employee is also challenging but the question is which is better. There is no absolute answer to this question as both have their own pros and cons. Entrepreneurs are owners of their own business and they enjoy the revenues earned by…

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Essay: Consequences of Steroids in Sports

When it comes to sports everyone wants to perform at an optimal level. Some athletes work extremely hard to make a good name in the respective sports they play but still due to stiff competition they fail to achieve personal glories.

December 18, 2018 | by

Essay: Columbine High School Shooting

There was a time when schools were considered safe place for learning. As the school violence has rapidly increased over the past years schools are no longer considered as safe places for learning. Numerous incidents related to school violence have occurred and several people have lost their lives. One of the most painful and horrific…

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Essay: Can Bullying turn someone Violent

Bullying refers to the act of physically, verbally or emotionally intimidating someone. It occurs in schools, colleges and even workplaces. Bullying can have negative impact on the victim. It could lead to psychological problems and affect one’s happiness and well being. Students in high school who often become victims of bullying develop low self esteem,…

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The Need to Avoid Plagiarism

Plagiarism is a serious academic offence in which a person steals someone else’s work and presents it as his/her own. Plagiarism is cheating in which a person looks to complete his task in easier way. For instance, a student is assigned an essay to write, instead of conducting research work and gathering facts about the…

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I Think, Therefore I Play (by Andrea Pirlo)

Andrea Pirlo is widely regarded as one of the most beautifully creative footballers the sport has ever seen. With his almost lazy grace, stupendous skill and an eye for a pass that nearly no one else can boast of, Pirlo has dazzled the world of football for some fifteen years, give or take. He is…

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Internet Key Management

Internet Key Management is an important element in the security architecture for the Internet protocol. There are certain requirements of key management for the Internet protocol. These are explained in the following: First is the Security Association Management. It is necessary to integrate Security Association establishment with the key management protocol that has been designed…

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Public Key Cryptography by PGP

Public Key Cryptography is a concept that solves many problems related to key distribution. This concept was introduced in 1975 by Whitfield Diffie and Martin Hellman. (There is now evidence available that the British Secret Service (BSS) invented it a few years before Diffie and Hellman, but kept it as a military secret. Anyway, Public…

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Essay: Cause of Global Warming

Global warming is referred to as continuous heating of the Earth’s surface including oceans and land. In the recent years, there has been a significant rise in the increase in atmospheric temperature around the globe. Furthermore, in the prospect years, Earth’s temperature is anticipated to rise by 2-10 degrees.

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Essay on Scientology and Religion

Scientology is considered to be the most dishonorable religious movement of the 20th century. The church of Scientology is more of a cult than religion and it has been very often criticized for its religious practices which include brainwashing its believers and depriving them of money and other possessions. It has also been accused of…

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