Why Is There Shortage Of Nurses?

Shortage of nurses is observed in almost all departments but most of the recruitment is done in the areas such as Intensive Care Units. This shortage of nursing staff started in specialist areas, which resulted in Royal College of Nursing through Front Line Campaign examining the impact of financial pressure on National Health Services (NHS) since 2010.

Adult Critical Care Services

In reviewing adult critical care services established by Department of Health, an expert group was invited. This group comprised of specialist and experienced practitioners from relevant bodies such as National Health Services directives, Intensive Treatment Unit consultants, nurse practitioners, and economic advisers from Department of Health in order to restructure standards of care in ITU. By publishing the recommendation for the development of services for the critically ill in order to address shortage of nurses, the department identified a need to retain intensive treatment unit nurses as recognized in majority of literature.

The continued shortage of nursing staff impacts a lot of facilities concerning health care. These shortages contribute to the issues related to the quality care and safety of patients. The factor identified through the analysis is main sentinel events including the skill mix, staffing numbers, competency, training, orientation, and supervision. Along with surging the adult populations, the issues related to nursing care are essential for the public policy makers, professionals, and consumers. The quality and nursing care within nursing homes are still not studied. There are numerous individuals who suggest a need for improved members of nursing staff especially more nurses are required to care for the adult patients in intensive care.  This study will aid to offer coordinated arena toward health care effort to offer care related to quality nursing and to make certain nurse supply in future which will serve both the nursing’s and  public best interests . After the completion of the studies, few disadvantages and advantages in using large databases for the nursing inquiry will be also considered.

Department of Health

Department of Health provided recommendations for practice, revealing intervention regarding the shortage of staff which leads to the development of a comprehensive critical care approach on areas, which require improvement for patient safety and quality patient care. This was a result after considering the severity of patient’s illness in order to combat with the impact of nurse staff shortage on remaining staff and to improve the quality of care in adult intensive therapy unit.


Shortage of Nurses
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