PlagiarismPlagiarism is a serious academic offence in which a person steals someone else’s work and presents it as his/her own. Plagiarism is cheating in which a person looks to complete his task in easier way. For instance, a student is assigned an essay to write, instead of conducting research work and gathering facts about the topic the student will try to copy and paste the content of someone else’s work and will present it as his own. Plagiarism is of different forms but it is a serious academic offence and can have severe consequences if caught.  Plagiarism can be intentional as well as unintentional but in both forms a person is punished.

In elementary school consequences of plagiarism are not very severe and a student who practices it is just warned by the teacher. In high school plagiarism can have serious consequences and a student can even get expelled from the academic institution with a bad rapport.

Plagiarism can ruin one’s life completely because once a person commits it he/she is not likely to be trusted by others. Other academic institutions or schools may not allow a student having a bad rapport and he may continue to struggle.

These days students need to be very careful when working on essays and term papers. They need to make sure that each and every word and sentence they write is unique and original. If a student wishes to paraphrase a sentence or a paragraph of someone else’s work he must cite it properly. The sources a student intends to use must be authentic. When an essay is being assigned a student must take note of instructions carefully and write the essay accordingly.

Another way of avoiding plagiarism is to use anti plagiarism software. Once a student completes his/her essay he/she must check it using an anti plagiarism software to make sure that his work is original to avoid problems later. It is the duty of the student to make sure that his/her work is original by double checking it.

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The Need to Avoid Plagiarism
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